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Repeats of the show's 65 episodes did reasonably well in syndication and in some markets the show actually had higher ratings in syndication than during the network run. In , a sequel to the show was created called What's Happening Now!! Spencer went on to participate in the revival of her character, Dee, for three seasons while still attending college.

While matriculating her sophomore year, Danielle pledged and became a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. She became a veterinarian in Spencer considers herself to be in semi-retirement from show business, but still acts occasionally. In , she portrayed a veterinarian in the hit film As Good as It Gets as well as appearing in Peter Rabbit and the Crucifix in She continues to act in small roles in film and television when it does not conflict with her veterinary practice. The cast of What's Happening!!

How much do you know about the man who knows everything?

Spencer released a book about her life as a child star entitled: Through the Fire: Journal of a Child Star. Her husband also works as publicist and manager for his wife. She had been working as a veterinarian for more than ten years when in after experiencing balance and chronic pain issues she was diagnosed with spinal stenosis due to the injuries she received in the car accident in A surgery to correct the problem left her partially paralyzed for eight months.

She credits the institute for giving her her life back. Spencer has been working as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in California for more than 25 years. In , Spencer was inducted by the Smithsonian Museum as part of the permanent exhibition of the African-American cultural museum. She is the only former child actor who holds this honor.

Father Knows Best.

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Spencer sits with Melissa in her car at night and tries to get some answers. Melissa says Garrett was Ian's friend and has been really kind to her since Ian's death. Now she worries she shared too much with him. She admits to having sent Ali anonymous texts telling her to back off Ian and stop flirting with him and telling Peter all about it.

Spencer fills Melissa in on Ali's blackmail money and the possibility it came from their father. While the girls accuse Melissa of being "A," Spencer defends her sister. At a father-daughter dance, she reluctantly goes with Peter despite her mixed feeling toward him. She admits to going through his office earlier and finding an incriminating check stub.

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Eye of the Beholder. The next day, Spencer sees Toby in the hallway helping Jenna through into the office. Spencer seems happy to see him, but he is cold toward her. Spencer admits she is surprised to see him with Jenna like that. Toby reminds her she is his sister and has been through a lot. When Spencer tells Toby she has been thinking about him a lot, he tells her it's a little late for that. Jenna returns and acknowledges Spencer as she takes Toby's arm and walks past.

Emily finds Spencer who is worried she caused him to run back to Jenna.

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Meanwhile, Spencer packs up Ali's things, her mom walks in and warns her not to go in to Jason's house. Spencer asks if she knows Ali may have been blackmailing Peter. Veronica explains that it was her idea they hire a detective.

She later helps rescue Jenna from a house fire. If These Dolls Could Talk. Spencer dreams about having a conversation with Alison in her living room. She's glad the girls "haven't given up. Spencer wakes up to Melissa pointing out the side door has been open all night. She looks over at two prescription bottles, wondering whether it had only been a dream or perhaps she actually had talked to Alison.

Later, they go to the doll store in Brookhaven where they learn Alison stopped there looking for the same doll as them. Hanna, Spencer and Emily return to the shop at night and get scared out of the store by "A"'s trap. They all receive a text from "A" instructing them to return the cell phone as a messenger delivers invitations to a masquerade ball along with a message from "A" that demands their attendance.

Spencer is sure they can discover who "A" is before the midnight deadline because hide and seek is her favorite game.

Spencer Hastings

They drive in the night and Mona offers to let Spencer join her team, but she stops the car and Mona is defeated. Sullivan reveals that "A" blackmailed her by threatening her son, which is why she disappeared. Toby, who brought Dr. Sullivan back, reconciles with her and they kiss. It Happened 'That Night'. Five months have past and the girls are together at Spencer's house. They talked about what they did over the summer. Spencer took some college classes at Hollis. Later that night, the girls fall asleep only to wake up to find Emily missing. They find Emily who dug up Ali's body, which is gone.

The cover their tracks and decide 'that night' never happened. She goes to see Garrett in jail and she wants to know what he wants. He tells her that he didn't kill Ali. He tells her that there is a lot that she doesn't know and that he will give her answers if she can have her mom defend him. She says no and gets up to leave, but Garret says that he knows who took the body and Spencer wants to know who but Garret is gone. Like her friends, she realizes "A" is back. Blood Is The New Black.

Spencer, Hanna and Aria follow her into the bathroom to make sure she is okay. In the bathroom, Emily shows them the teeth necklace. The girls think that those teeth are from Ali's body. When they hear noises outside, they go into one stall. Spencer thinks they can't go to the police because they lied about the lake house. Hanna and Aria accidentally drop the necklace in the toilet. As Spencer is about to stick her hand in a toilet, the bell rings and the toilet flushes along with the necklace. Spencer goes to see Garret in jail.

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  8. Spencer wants to know who dug up Ali's grave and if the person did it for Garret. He says that he didn't touch Maya and he didn't kill Ali. He also tells her what was stolen from her grave would have proved it. When Spencer asks how, Garret brings up her mom helping him.

    Spencer then asks why her mom or anyone in this town would believe that he is innocent. Garret then says people lie but medical records don't. She later witnesses proof that Jenna can see with the other girls. Kingdom of the Blind. At home, Spencer sees Melissa and asks if their mom has said anything about the case but Melissa says that she is probably going to talk to them together.

    Spencer then asks how Melissa is doing but Melissa doesn't really say anything. Spencer walks upstairs but their mom comes home and wants to talk to them. Hastings says that she is taking on Garrett's case because she believes that he is innocent. Spencer is furious at this because her mom is taking on someone who is believed to have killed her best friend and her other best friend's girlfriend.

    Spencer calls a hospital to know about Melissa's health status. The hospital says that they have no records of any Hastings being at the hospital. Spencer knows something is up.